Here I am, middle-aged, married, mom to eight blessings.  It is my highest ambition to be found a good and faithful servant to my Lord.  It is also a goal that on some days seems so very difficult to attain.  That is what this blog is about – trying to hear His call and follow His light through the often confusing circumstances of a normal life.


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  1. Tovah – Thanks for visiting the Tennessee Preppers Site. You asked about why people are more concerned about swine flu than seasonal flu – here are some of my (and other) opinions:

    Well since this virus is brand new, we really do not know how it will act, how it might mutate, or what other problems it will cause.

    Normal seasonal flu typically hits the elderly the hardest. Most seasonal flu deaths occur in the elderly.

    But this swine flu is not really hitting the elderly much at all – but it is hitting pediatrics hard (ages 0 – 18). In the research I’ve done, in a typical seasonal flu year, 40-60 pediatrics die. Since April of this year, we’ve had approximately 111 pediatric deaths attributed to swine flu.

    Also, research has shown that in some people, this virus is attacking the lungs very hard. We know there are avian components to this flu and researchers are saying that in many of the people who died due to ARDs-type distress from this flu, their lungs looked like they had been attacked by Bird Flu (H5N1).

    Additionally, even if this flu is not very deadly or does not turn out to be exceptionally serious – a death in your family is serious to you, no?

    Also, the possibility of significant impacts on our medical facilities is what we are watching after seeing what happened in to many areas of Australia during their winter. After all, there are only so many ventilators to go around.

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